Friday, April 12, 2013

Ramble on...

Yeah, I know I've used that title before, but I'm thinking of making it my standard "brain dump" post title. Lately I've relegated this blog to mostly writing news, since I have none of that I'll just ramble on about life in general.

So it's Spring! Or is it? Connecticut can't really decide. Tuesday it was 75 and sunny. Today it is 46 and rainy. Hooray. Allergies abound nonetheless. And as we head into Spring I can definitely feel the season of change upon us. School is winding down, for both the kids and Matthew. While it's an easy transition for homeschooling, because we're running out of materiel, and thereby having shorter school days. Things get busier for Matthew as he amps up for finals, papers, ect. Add on top of that the never-ending job hunt.

On that front I can honestly say things are going well! He has an interview Monday morning, as well as a few other options that we're working on. Instead of feeling nervous and scared, we're mostly feeling hopeful and excited. Though, there is a small amount of nervousness some days, as well. For the most part I'm excited at the prospect of moving. We've been happy here, but we've never exactly fallen in love with Connecticut either. As far as moving, we don't know where yet. At this point I'd settle for anything in a Southerly direction. But we'll have to wait and see!

Elijah is on track to wrap up school by the end of May. It looks like May, as always, will be a hectic month for us. We will have both kids' birthdays, Matthew's graduation (though he's not walking, I'm sure we'll celebrate in some way) and Elijah "graduating" second grade! And then Summer! Though, this summer will be a bit of a transition for us. We'll probably be moving toward the end of the summer, and staying put here in CT instead of making a trip down South like we usually do. Boo on no vacation, but it is what it is.

Sophia? Well, she's busy being two-going-on-three-going-on-sixteen! She wears us out. She makes us laugh, she makes us frustrated. I wouldn' have it any other way. She's being a lot more participatory in school, which is both fun and a pain in the butt, let me tell you. I'm really looking forward to the fall when she will officially start preschool with us! I'm also looking forward to moving and hopefully getting the kids in their own bedrooms. They get a long great most of the time, but I think they're both ready for their own space.

As for me, I've been staying plenty busy. Writing has been pushed aside for a little while, though I still manage to scribble out a paragraph or two when I have the time. It looks like I will be on track to publish the third and final book of my series in the fall. I'm not rushing it. Both London Escape and Finding Sanctuary are selling well at the moment. I've had lots of promo days, and afterwards I usually see my sales jump for a few days. It's exciting. Last week both my books were ranked in the top 100,000 kindle books. Yeah, I know, it doesn't sound that great at all! But most self-pubbed books linger in obscurity in the 500,000 range, with nary a download. So any sales are good sales in my opinion!

Is that all? Oh yeah, so I've been on a bit of a hair kick, if you haven't already seen the pics on my family blog. After many failed attempts at styling my own hair in some cute up-dos, I decided my long, thick hair was hopeless, so I randomly attacked it with the scissors. The end result was not so bad!

(Pics for my mom and grandma, who probably want to see!)
April 015
Lots of layers and waves!

April 014
Did I say I layered it to take out some of the bulk? FAIL! I have so much hair.
Aaaand that's all for now!