Monday, August 26, 2013

Ten minutes...

(I know I'm way overdue for an update on here. Life has been crazy!)

So, three years ago I let my dad talk me into doing a 5K with him. This decision was basically insane, considering I'd never ran before in my life. But I did I it anyway, because I'm insane, apparently. Did I mention at the time I had just had a baby eight weeks before? See? Insane. Or better yet: stupid.

Hi there. 

So yeah, I pretty much thought I would die during those 3.1 miles, but I finished. I walked most of it, but I finished. My time of 39:19 was not impressive, but I FINISHED!

And I never ran again...

Until we came back to Georgia at the beginning of July. I've always been a workout junkie but running was the one hurdle I'd never seem to overcome. Until now, that is. Since we are staying with my in-laws for a while I thought I would start making use of their treadmill.When we went down to visit my parents in mid-July my dad talked me into running outside a few times and gave me quite a few tips to help me out. After we came home from Florida I starting running outdoors early every Saturday morning, so essentially I began training for running a 5K.

In the beginning my goal was simply to complete another 5K. Then it was to PR. Then it was to run the whole thing. Then it became my goal to run a 5K in under thirty minutes... 

The race I signed up for was this past Saturday. I was nervous, I was excited, but more than anything I was ready!

Lucky number 160.

And so I ran and it was all kinds of awesome. After three miles were up I passed six people (yes, I counted!) just before the finish line. 

Oh and the best part...I did PR... By a full ten minutes!


Now, the worst part was that the race was so badly planned that it was actually 3:6 miles, making my official time something like 33:47. Thankfully  my phone recorded my 5K time so I can compare. And the race results weren't that detailed, but I calculated that I finished 30th put of 91 runners.

Let's do it again!