Friday, October 11, 2013

Getting a little ahead of myself...

If you know me at all, even just a little bit from this blog, you know how much I love my birthday. As the years pass I always find myself wondering if this will be the year I stop looking forward to and enjoying my big day. And every year that passes leaves  me with the same answer, "nope!" Anyway, as usual I was thinking about my birthday the other day. See, we just passed October 3, meaning my birthday is six months away. I already told Matthew what I want to do to celebrate my 29th birthday. Atlanta. Shopping. Cheesecake Factory. See, I'm easy.

But then it hit me, if I'm turning twenty-nine next year, that means the year after that I will be *gasp* THIRTY! Like any female leaving her twenties, I freaked out a little bit, but then I shrugged it off. (No, really!) Because the older I get, the more I learn, the better person, mom, and wife I become, so why would I be bothered by another year? And I mean, really, I already have grey hair, so how much worse can aging get? Nevermind...don't go there...

Which brings me to my point (yes, I have one!). So it's the trend now to do something BIG for your thirtieth. Skydive. (Um, no thanks.) Get a tattoo. (PASS!) Go on a big vacation. (Too expensive.) And then I realized what I would do to celebrate my thirtieth. It was an easy choice...RUN A HALF MARATHON!

Yes,  I said marathon, but notice I said a HALF! That's ONLY 13.1 miles folks. And yes, at this point the most I've ever run is 6.2, so I definitely have a loooong way to go, but I have a year and a half to get ready. I'm excited already!
Deciding to train for a mini marathon,has me thinking this quote exactly!! @Jennifer Koch

In other news, I'm running my third 5K tomorrow down in Florida with my dad. It should be awesome!