Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 1: 100 Days of Happy...

So I found the link to this challenge on my Bible study website sometime last week and decided it looked like fun. It's pretty simple, find something that makes you happy that day, take a pic, and share it somewhere. I've been posting them on IG, but decided once a week to post here too.

The challenge to me doesn't mean to desperately search for something, anything to make me happy, but to recognize the simple things in life that are always there to make me happy and bring me joy throughout the day. No one has a perfect life, certainly not me, but it's nice to try and dwell on the good and none of the bad things we're so prone to let bring us down.

My first week was easy, of course!

Day 1: Last Tuesday. The kids played Lego together while I ran. They don't always get along this well, or leave me to myself for very long, but that day I managed to log ten miles on the treadmill!
Day 2: We got to meet our  newest family member. My nephew Jake was born last Wednesday. As you can see, Sophia is totally in love!

Day 3: On Thursday we did school outside.
Also, day 3.
Day 4: We were just happy it was Friday! Long week!

Day 5: Saturday I ran a 5K, and won a little trophy. More on that later. 

Day 6: Another easy one! Sunday was Mother's Day and Elijah's 8th birthday. So the whole day was full of happy!

Day 7: Is actually a picture from Sunday, but being married to this guy makes me happy every day!