Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What was I saying?

See, I can't even remember what I came here to write. May is just like that around here. We're now done with birthdays until Matthew's in December, woo hoo! The kids both have their check-ups next week with their doctor. I was just thinking to myself how much I'm looking forward to June, which will presumably be calm and relaxing...

Wait, I think I've forgotten something? Oh right, how about my book release, which is June 5th? Yeah, I'm pretty much set to go on it, but you know me, I'll be stressing and doing last-minute editing until midnight! Oh and one more thing. In June I'm going to be a single mom for 2+ weeks, how did I forget that? So I guess we can forget all about June being relaxing.

How about July? Well, July is a little less certain. Matthew and I will be celebrating our seventh (WHAT?) anniversary on the ninth. And hopefully the kids and I will be taking a trip down South to see our family. (YES!)

And August? School's back in session (again WHAT?). Oh and I'll be teaching second grade. I'll spare you more caps, but seriously?

I'm tired just thinking about it all. Not to mention I have a couple goals in mind for the summer, finish writing my second novel and potty training Sophia.

Should be an interesting summer!