Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Winding down...

This past weekend Matthew and I sat down to work on a little lesson planning for Elijah. It was then that I realized the school year was almost over! My original goal was to complete forty full weeks of school. We're on week thirty-seven this week, which puts us on summer vacation as of June first! First of all, wow, the school year has just flown by! Second of all, does this really mean I need to start planning for second grade in the fall? It was never my intention for Elijah to be a full grade ahead (though it's pretty common for homeschooled kids to be at least one grade ahead, I was two grades ahead). I always said if he seemed to by having any trouble at all we would slow down, even if it meant him doing two years in one grade. Not that I would ever let him be behind, just in his normal grade. Well, obviously that hasn't happened yet! I'm so proud of him and all he's learned this year.

I guess in the fall not only will I be teaching second grade,but also what I like to call pre-preschool with Sophia! Hopefully that will ease the chaos a little, to have her doing some of her own things.

What else? Matthew is taking one his finals today and has his last final on Friday. Yet another semester behind us! It was another crazy one too, as he was taking three classes and still working part-time. We always look forward to the break we get during the summer. Granted, he still works full time, but when he comes home he can actually spend time with us and not be buried in homework!

As for the summer, no concrete plans yet. Elijah will be playing baseball through June and doing a little summer school just to make sure he doesn't completely forget everything. Sophia, well, my goals for her this summer are quite lofty...potty training! Elijah was potty trained the summer he turned two, so I have set my sights pretty high, once again. Like I already said, Matthew will be working at the library full time starting next week and he's going to Israel for two weeks at the end of June! As for me, well, I have pretty lofty goals as well. I'm hoping to have my book e-published by early June, which means I've got to finish my final edits. Also, I'm about 3/4 of the way through typing up the second book, and then I will need to edit it as well. And then I've got to finish writing the third and final installment. I'm in the process of outlining the storyline as we speak and hopefully over the summer I'll get it all out on paper. So yeah, you read that right, I've got THREE full-length novels up the air right now.

The kids and I also have our sights set on a summer vacation in Florida. With all that is going on with my family right now we're pretty anxious to see my parents and spend some time with them again. Hopefully we'll be heading down for a visit after Elijah's done with baseball, after our anniversary and after my dad is finished up with his treatment. So possibly July.

So yeah, I think that's about it for my bi-monthly update!

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  1. Cacey, does Elijah ever ask to go to school with other kids? I really wanted to home school, but Grace has been asking when she gets to go to "real" school since she was 3, so we finally decided to give it a try this fall with pre-k if she got in, and she did... so she starts in August. I was just wondering if he's ever asked, and how you handled it if he did. I had a hard time coming to terms with letting Grace go to pre-k this fall, and only did it because she wants to so bad. :(