Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Further proof that I'm a giant nerd...

In case you needed more proof.

I've been working so hard on writing these past few weeks. I think I'm just trying to take advantage of our summer break. Elijah will be starting second grade sometime in August and I'm sure my amount of free time is going to dwindle further. So I'm trying to get as much writing done now as I can.

Sometime last week I finished my first edit of Finding Sanctuary (yes, book two!). I've not got to get some beta readers on board, I've got one, probably might need a second. (Anyone, anyone?) And I'm still working on the first draft of book three. Which is untitled so far, and trust me, it's totally bugging me.

When I'm not writing or editing I'm doing lame things like coming up with my playlists for the books. And I'm not even ashamed to admit that I get super-duper excited when I find the perfect song to go a long with each chapter. Now, if you listened or looked at the LE playlist you'll realize I don't have varied tastes at all. 95% of my playlist was either Lifehouse or Linkin Park. Because I' m super cool like that! Err...not! So I've added one more artist this week to the FS playlist...The Fray. I heard one song in particular that I almost died it was so perfect! It's called "Heartbeat"


We're on an open bed truck on the highway
Rain is coming down and we're on the run
Think I can feel the breath in your body
We gotta keep on running til' we see the sun

Oh you gotta fire and it's burning in the rain
Thought that it went out, but it's burning just the same
And you don't look back, not for anything
'Cause love someone, love them all the same
If you love someone, love them all the same

Oh I'm feeling your heartbeat
And oh, you're coming around, coming around, coming around
If you can love somebody, love them all the same
You gotta love somebody, love them all the same
I'm singing oh.. I'm feeling your heartbeat

Ahhh, I love it. Anyway, not that this means anything to you, since NO ONE has read FS yet, but trust me...chapter 14 "Crash" + this song = perfection.

Also I was competely bored yesterday and decided to re-write a couple of chapters from LE, only this time from Jason's perspective and it was totally hilarious. I might share them on here if there's any interest.