Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The latest stats...

Okay so you know by know I'm obsessed with tracking every unit of my book, and since everyone has been asking me how many copies I've sold so far I thought I'd post an update.

Of course the term "sold" doesn't litterally mean I made money off of it! Let's just talk about how many copies I have out there right now!

Totals for the United States:
Sold out right - 52
Borrowed through Amazon KDP - 3
Free - 715

Total for US - 770

Totals for United Kingdom
Free - 57

Totals for Germany
Sold - 2
Free - 7

Total units altogether - 834

Not too shabbby! And I still have three more promotional days through Amazon which I'm saving to hopefully boost the sales of my second book when it releases in September!