Monday, August 20, 2012

It's been a while...

Actually I'd almost completely forgotten about this blog, and even considered just getting rid of it. But then I decided I'd miss my outlet to rant and ramble about everything going on in my life. I don't know, I guess writing is a bit cathartic to me, wonder why?

Anyway, as you can guess from my month-long absence, August has been a busy month! The kids and I just returned from a long and fun-filled visit to Florida. As expected, we returned home and literally hit the ground running with tons of stuff. This week is our last official week of summer. I usually prefer to start school earlier in August, but with our trip being later than usual, we pushed the start of school back to the 27th. On top of that Elijah will be playing fall baseball starting this Saturday. Matthew goes back to school on the 29th (though, thank goodness, he's only taking two classes this semester!). Oh and I'm still trying to get our church mom's group and children's chapel started up in September.

OH and then there's that second novel I'm supposed to be self-publishing in the Fall! So yeah, just a little busy around here.

And re-potty training my two year old.

Did I miss something?

Watching season two of Downton Abbey... My library had it, but I can only keep discs one and two for three days, that's seven episodes that are an hour long that I have to watch before tomorrow! Ahhh, the pressure.

Lesson planning, oh joy.

Menu planning...

How to keep a two year old out of my hair while I teach Latin.

I think that's all...happy end of summer to me!