Sunday, February 27, 2011

A touch of the Blarg..

The Blarg - A sickness prevalent in most moms. Characterized by feelings of being overwhelmed, tired and generally out-of-it. Sometimes caused by too much time spent with teething babies and/or very talkative older children. Symptoms include (but are not limited to) lethargy, tiredness, crabbiness and the extreme urge to snack on unhealthy things. Cures include the use of stimulants (caffeine) and the ever popular holistic cure of a good, long nap. *

Yes, I had the Blarg yesterday, or the blargies as I so lovingly call it. My day started off entirely too early for my taste, at five a.m. Sophia was wide awake, however, no matter how much I tried to convince her not to be. To make matters even better, I had a terrible headache already. "The Headache" as my mom calls it. The one that cannot be touched by things like Motrin or caffeine. I knew it was going to be a long day.

Saturdays are my usual grocery shopping day, since I never have the car on weekdays and it's much easier for me to do my shopping if Matthew has the kids. I usually wait until everyone is up and fed before I head out. Yesterday Sophia ended up going back to bed at around 7:30, so I was stuck waiting around for her to get up so that I could nurse her before she left. I'm not sure what possessed me, but I offered to take Elijah with me. Normally I like to not have any distractions while I'm grocery shopping or else I come home without toilet paper, or milk. But I felt like having some company and someone to talk to, so he tagged along.

We ended up going to two separate grocery stores, so we were gone quite a while. When I got home I realized my pantry was a complete disaster and would need serious organization. This is when I became aware that I had the Blarg. Organizing my pantry should have made me happy! But it didn't. Instead I felt like having a cup of coffee and/or going back to bed for the day.

The rest of the day was just your usual at-home craziness. Elijah asking me to put his Stormtrooper's blaster back in his miniature hand for the millionth time. Feeding everyone lunch, snacks, dinner and more snacks (can we say growth spurt!). Sophia for the past three days has been ridiculously crabby. She's normally not an overly-clingy baby, but she's been spending a huge amount of time being carried around on my hip lately. To make matters worse, and not helping my headache, she seems to be testing the volume of her voice lately by shouting as loudly as she possibly can, all of the time. Finally, I took her in my lap and pried open her mouth out of curiosity. Sure enough I spotted FOUR top teeth well on their way to pushing out. They have not yet broken the surface, but I can feel them. Hopefully this is the reason for all her drama and not sleeping lately. Fingers crossed!

So yeah, long day. I attempted to take a nap at some point, but as usual it was far too short. After dinner the kids both needed baths (hang in there, it's about to get good). They almost always take baths together and last night was no different. Matthew even came in and sat with me and we watched them play and splash each other. Finally I was starting to feel better. My kids were happily playing together and the would be in bed soon.  Matthew and I had plans to watch a movie together and have some popcorn. Suddenly Matthew noticed Sophia was making "The Face", you know the "about to go" face. He panicked, I panicked, we all panicked together. Fortunately I'm fast, I grabbed her out of the tub, paused for a half a second trying to decide what to do. Stupidly I though I might have time to get a diaper on her, halfway to her room it became apparent that I was going to be too late. And I was, too late. I laid her on the changing pad and collapsed into a fit of laughter. Meanwhile Matthew's back in the bathroom calling out to me, "Um honey, you know you didn't make it right?" I'm still laughing, "Yes, I know I didn't make it, that's what's so funny!" Yup, my kid pooped on the hallway floor and I'm laughing about it. Sometimes you just have to laugh, you know.

So I got her and the floor cleaned up, lucky me, I get all the crappy jobs! Matthew is still in the bathtub with Elijah, who's peering around the edge of the shower curtain, trying to figure out what just happened. I put her back in the tub where she continues to play as though nothing had ever happened. Matthew and I are still laughing and vowing to never let her live this one down.

Yeah, so that's how my day with the Blarg ended, right there. We finally got the kids in bed around eight. I worked on my book for about fifteen minutes before I started getting really tired. Matthew suggested I go ahead and go to bed, so I did. At eight fifteen. I think I was asleep as soon as I hit the pillow. That kind of stuff really takes it out of you, you know?

Here's to a Blarg-free day today...

* Yes, I completely made this up. (the Blarg that is, the poop-story is unfortunately very true.)