Thursday, September 6, 2012


When I tell people I homeschool a second grader, with a two year-old at home, I always get the same response, "How do you do that?"

Well, there are a few answers, most of them are only partly true. Here are the partly true reasons I'd like to give.

  • I'm awesome. (Must have inherited this from my mom, who started homeschooling my four year old brother when I was two. Went on to have a third baby when I was four. And homeschooled all three of us through highschool. My mom = awesome!)
  • My kids are awesome. Again, only partly true, ha ha! Elijah is a fantastic student, but he is a six year old-boy, and like all six year-old boys, can be frustrating. Sophia, well, she's Sophia. Perpetually the wild card.
  • I'm super-organized and super-dedicated to my role as a homeschool mom. Well, that one is mostly true. Errr. Most of the time

But in reality there's only one way I really manage to pull this off every single day, mostly with my sanity intact...and here it is...


My second cup of the day!

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