Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here and there...

Every time I think about getting rid of this blog (I can't even keep up with the family one of late) I think of something I want to ramble on about. So I guess it's sort of a good thing.

I feel like everything has been crazy and chaotic ever since the school year started. Although my chaotic is probably a lot like most people's calm. I loathe being busy, being gone, having no time to just sit around and do...nothing.

Well, there's no time for nothing anymore. Not with a second grader to teach, a two year old to potty train (and teach as well) and a grad-student husband. Not with my second book (supposedly) coming out in two weeks. Not with tons of work to still do on it. Not with the days seemingly getting shorter and shorter by the minute.

We're now in week TEN of school. That's insane! We've only taken one day off so far, and that was because of the awful plague (aka stomach bug from hell) that we had a week ago. Or was it two weeks ago? See! I don't even remember. It's like Groundhog Week around here. Only we switch out our minor catastrophes  You know. Stomach bug. Hurricane. Hmm, I wonder what will happen next week?

Hopefully nothing. Hopefully I'll finish up with my book. I'd so like to have it done and out of the way before the Holidays.

OH WAIT, the Holidays are coming TOO!?

How come no one told me? I feel super unprepared. Well, I did make the kids' Amazon wishlists for the various grandparents. So that's something. And I just realized our star from last year is still broken. And somehow the little cardboard star from last year seems less quaint and more depressing right now...

Oh wait, that's the weather that's depressing me, isn't it? Yeah they canceled Halloween this year. Or trick or treating, at least until next week. Who's going to want to go trick or treating on November the 7th. Not I. We already "technically" trick or treated at the mall on Sunday, so I suppose I can get out of that one.

Bah humbug!!!

October 060
Sophia and I, doing our best crabby faces.

 Anyway, I digress, as usual. On the upside (and if you know me at all, you know there's always an upside!) my parents are coming in....30 days! (And you also know how much I love me a good countdown!) That's going to be pretty awesome.

And my book will get done and be released...eventually. Now let me go proofread!