Monday, October 1, 2012

Pretty much the coolest thing ever...

I wish I had time today to do this post justice. Alas, it is a crazy Monday around here and I have about a zillion things to take care of. But I wanted to share my excitement with someone. Okay, did anyone not see the picture on Facebook on Saturday?

Well, this is what I got in the mail, much to my excitement.

  September 037

Happy, happy, happy! I keep telling myself it doesn't really count, I'm only self-published. But still, it's wicked cool! This is my proof copy, which means I've got to proof it before Amazon will start selling it. I've found a few minor formatting errors I need to fix, but other than that, it looks great. Oh and I'm not fooling myself. I'm pretty sure only my mom will be willing to pay for a hard copy, but that's okay! Matthew says he's going to buy a copy and read it (finally) but only if I fix the Latin errors in it. Errr....

September 041
Inside cover
September 039
September 040
September 038
Yes, he was reading it!

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  1. Congratulations! Keep us updated and I would love to have a copy. I am still old school and like my books in my hands.

    Deanna M.