Monday, October 8, 2012


That God has a sense of humor, or a least a pretty firm grasp on irony.

Sophia has been refusing to go the church nursery for about six months now. So it's basically been that long since I've sat in and actually listened to the sermon. Usually she gets too loud and I have to take her to the nursery and play. Okay, so she'll go to the nursery, she just won't let me leave her. Well, yesterday she did. Elijah was down in Children's Chapel and Matthew was at home working hard on his homework and taking advantage of the relative quiet.

Now, I'll admit, sitting in the sermon by myself was super weird. I was actually having trouble with the zero distractions, so I didn't even hear most of the sermon. Oh, and I was waiting with my ears perked for Sophia's crazy wailing from the nursery at any moment. What I did enjoy were the prayers after church. It's not often as a parent you get to spend some time on your knees reflecting on what you'd like to work on yourself. So I prayed for gratefulness, patience, and grace. Often I focus too much on what I don't have, rather than how much I have been given. Patience is obviously necessary, and often in short supply. Grace, to not go absolutely insane on my kids every time they frustrate me.

With those prayers in mind I began my day today. And so far in response I've been given, a flooding, overflowing washing machine, a slow-poke student, a temper tantrum throwing two-year-old, and oh, I've just been informed the toilet is clogged too.


And I'm sitting here listening to Jars of Clay "The Valley Song" and burst into laughter at the line, "You have calmed greater waters."