Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful, days four and five...

Yes, I know, I know, I keep falling behind!

Day four...yesterday I was extraordinarily thankful, as I am every Tuesday, for my mom's group friends at church. We've been meeting nearly every Tuesday for the past two and half years at the church I attend and it's always a good time. Our group changes with each passing year as people move out of the area and into the area. But the level of closeness we've managed to attain remains. I'm lucky to have such wonderful Christian friends and mamas in my life to keep me accountable and sane!! As a super plus, we have great nursery volunteers every Tuesday, and it's always a blessing to live your kids for an hour and a half with people they love to spend time with.

Day I am thankful for the beautiful snow outside. Now, admittedly, I'm posting this somewhat begrudgingly, because I'm so sick of freezing cold New England winters. This is my fourth, and my wimpy Southern blood just can't handle the temps! But I do have two little kiddies who were absolutely overjoyed at the sight of it falling rapidly out our windows earlier today. They were so excited we had to call off school just a little early so we could go out and play in it. And both Matthew and I spent a lot of our childhood in places where it doesn't snow much (minus the few years I lived in Missouri and Germany) so it's nice that they get to play in snow.
November 008
I mean, look at the happiness on their rosy-cheeked faces?!

And well, you know there's a chance this will be our last New England winter (finger's crossed). So I can't NOT be grateful for that!