Tuesday, June 14, 2011


That's how I feel lately. I've spent so long counting down to this trip that it's just driving me crazy at this point. You would think with it being much closer than before (a mere eight days) I would have some relief, but I don't. Instead I think I'm going a little stir crazy with anticipation.

I guess I should explain a little bit why I'm looking forward to it so much. For one thing, we live really far from all our families. About nine-hundred miles from Matthew's and over a thousand from mine. Our closest relatives are my grandparents in Ohio, still a good two-days drive away. With plane ticket prices being so high, we don't get to see hardly anyone at all since we've lived here. But once a year, we scrounge up our tax return, and this year with a little help from my parents, and buy three tickets to paradise.

Ha ha, sorry, I just couldn't help it. But they do live in Panama City BEACH. And after living in West Haven, CT for two years, paradise is a relative term.

But as I was saying, it's our once a year chance to see everyone we love, have a great vacation and just forget about the daily stresses of life. This year I find that I'm anticipating it even more than usual. Maybe because I'm finding life as a stay at home mom to a five year old and a one year old a big chaotic lately. Maybe because it's been a full year since I've seen most of my family (besides my mom) and a year since I've seen all my in-laws (besides my sister-in-law who came this past March). I really excited now, because I just found out that my grandparents are driving down from Indiana while we're in Florida, I haven't seen them since Christmas of '08!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this already, but we're also staying for a weekend in a cabin with Matthew's family. I can't wait to see Elijah running around with his cousins and having a blast! Also, I finally get to meet my newest nephew! I'm sure he and Sophia will have a great time together.

We also plan on spending every minute while we're in Florida at the beach. It's been really cool here lately, so we haven't been to our beach in a while. And I'm kind of looking forward to the baking heat. I'm sure I'll take that back soon enough.

As of tomorrow we'll be within one week of our trip, which means I can start planning my packing. It's a process! I've got three people to pack for, not to mention I'll probably do some of Matthew's for him. Thank goodness we are all flying together this time and I don't have that stress to think about. Although I'm coming back alone with the kids. Also, our plane leaves super-early. I think next Wednesday we'll be waking up around three! But on the upside, we'll arrive in Florida before lunchtime.

Sigh...I can't wait.

Or have you heard that already?