Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A.) What Sophia is no longer doing.
B.) What time seems to be doing.
C.) All of the above.

The answer is C, of course. Sophia is no longer crawling, but walking every where on wobbly, unstable little legs. We've had a few spills, but so far she's okay. She does give in and crawl when she's in a big hurry to get somewhere far, but mostly she's walking all over the place. Crazy!

And yes, time is crawling lately. I was looking forward to this week, where the kids and I had nothing on the schedule, but I'm not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. If I were busier, maybe the time would go by more quickly! If you've lost count, we're now fifteen days out from our big summer vacation. Which means it's far too early to pack or do any kind of trip preparation. That will have to wait until next week. Yes, I plan on spending a week packing, what of it? Semper paratus, my friends, always prepared.

Okay that was sort of lame, it sounded cooler in my head...

Anyway, yesterday all of us (except Elijah, of course) woke up with sore throats and runny noses. CRAP, right? I spent the whole day chanting in my head, "we're not getting sick, we're not getting sick". Normally a little cold is no big deal, I know, even with fifteen days until vacation. But I'm a little leery after the last time we all got sicker than dogs for two weeks. Please, not again. And that was just in April! But everyone woke up feeling much better this morning, so hopefully no one is sick.

And this basically confirms my belief that Elijah is, in fact, not human and from the planet Krypton, because of his insane immune system*. I swear, the kid never gets sick! You can't say that's it because I breast fed him or because he never went to daycare, because all those things are true of Sophia too, and she gets sick along with the rest of us.

I'm changing his name to Kal-El, I swear.**

* Krypton, Superman's home planet, duh!

**Superman's real name, no it's not Clark Kent. Incidentally, Nicolas Cage actually named his son Kal-El, not sure if he's faster than a speeding bullet, but maybe he has a great immune system too.

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  1. Hope you guys aren't getting sick. We are so bothered by allergies here right now. The past 2 days, my throat has been on the verge of soreness due to the constant post nasal drip. It is very annoying.