Monday, June 20, 2011

Time to go...

Well, almost anyway. We're officially in the "we leave the day after tomorrow" phase, yay! This is also my "get down to business and start packing" phase. Double yay! I'm definitely not the type to just throw things in the suitcase the night before I leave (ahem, Matthew!). I'm the make a bunch of different lists and plan my packing for several days before I actually get down to it. Some people call me OCD, or even anal, when it comes to this sort of thing. But don't you have to be when you're packing for a big family vacation? You can't go into this sort of thing unprepared. At least I can't. Blame my parents, I do! (Ha ha)

Anyway, today I'm doing laundry and bringing up the suitcases from the basement. Nothing is actually going in until tomorrow. Sophia will be the easiest to pack for, just throw everything she owns in the suitcase! She goes through clothes pretty quickly. I already know she's bringing about 3-4 pairs of shoes, two bathing suits, three hats...about a half a dozen dresses. Wow. Oh and hairbows, you can't forget the hairbows. Elijah is pretty easy, shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, a a pair of sandals and he's done. The hard part for him is packing his carry on. See, last year I didn't let him take his backpack. Since I was flying solo with the kids I wanted a minimal amount of stuff to deal with. This year, since Matthew will be flying with us (at least on the way there) I said he could bring his backpack. Also, we're not doing the stroller thing in the airport and are opting for the Ergo carrier instead. Anyway, he started packing his carry on last Wednesday, a week early, he likes to be prepared like his mommy! Of course he wanted to bring every single Star Wars figure he owns! We're trying to hold him to at least half a dozen. Oh and he wants to take his lightsaber.

Of course I'm not bring any form of entertainment for myself on the plane, since I will be wrangling Sophia the whole time. Ever since she started walking she has been so busy I'm not sure how well she'll handle sitting still for a few hours. Would it be completely out of the question to let her walk up and down the aisle a few times with one of us?

Okay, so I need to get back to work!