Monday, September 26, 2011

Maxed out...

No I'm not talking about my credit cards, I'm talking about me!

Shhhh, it's one of my favorite times of day around here. Sophia went down from her nap early, and even though this means she'll be cranky tonight, I don't really care. Eljiah is doing his scheduled "30 minutes of quiet reading" woo hoo! Can I just say, his reading has totally changed my life. If not for him being able to read to himself, school would be so much harder. Especially on a day like today where I'm just completely bombarded with things to do! (Yeah the laundry's going now so I have about five minutes to write this post and clear my head.)

So what's going on around here? How about everything! Have a mentioned how crazy Matthew's schedule is this semester? I can't remember. Well, he's taking three classes instead of the usual two. Now that doesn't sound so bad, but keep in mind he also works twenty hours a week. He can't do homework doing work, of course. And this is Yale, which means his homework assignments are insane. Plus, he's taking yet another new language. Of course, this is difficult for me for several reasons. One of them being when he's home, he's still not really home. I can't just say, "Oh I've been watching the kids alone for eight hours, now it's your turn!". Granted he helps out as much as he possibly can, but basically I'm still on duty even when he's here. It's kind of crazy. On the other hand, what bothers me the most about him working so bloody hard is the fact that I can feel his stress. And he gets really stressed when he feels overwhelmed. Somehow I can pick up on it, whether he tells me or not, and I get stressed out too! Ugh. Fun stuff.

Anyway, it was a bit of a crazy weekend. We didn't have a whole lot on the schedule, but still. Sophia is going through a super clingy phase which is making my life harder. On Sunday I was supposed to teach children's chapel, but I seriously couldn't leave her for half a second so the other children's chapel teacher subbed in for me. I don't know what I'm going to do next week!

Oy, Elijah's done reading so I'm going to have to cut this short. I had a lot more to complain about, I'm sure.

On the upside, we're having lots of company in October. Starting with Matthew's parents and sister on the seventh. Which means I will have a lot of cleaning to do week after next, which also means I won't be cleaning very much this week. Ha!