Thursday, September 15, 2011


That's the amount of time I've spent today writing. Zero minutes. And that's not likely to change anytime soon seeing as how I've got to go feed the kids and head off for football practice. I've had a rough couple of weeks the past two weeks. With teaching school and adjusting to Sophia's always-changing napping/crabby moment schedule. So Matthew has been taking Elijah to his practices. Or, like last week, he takes Elijah while I run errands with Sophia then swing back to pick them up. But tonight I'm taking the practice shift. Matthew has so much homework this semester since he's taking an extra class, so he could really use the time in the empty house tonight.

I'm totally not looking forward to it though. It's an hour and half long, it's been raining this afternoon and it's supposed to rain more. Oh and did I mention I get to take Sophia along? Yeah, I said he needs the house quiet, didn't I? Not going to happen with her around.

Normally I don't mind taking her either, but did I mention the rain? Muddy field plus fifteen month old toddler/baby who loves to run around, not pleasant.

But whose complaining? Oh wait, I am!