Monday, September 19, 2011

This weekend...

can be summed up in one word. Cold! (And kinda sucky!) Wait, that's four words. I embleleshed a little more than I originally intended.

Anyway, I last blogged on Thursday when I was complaining about having to take Elijah to football practice. Well, the rain was the least of my worries. Holy moly it was cold, and windy oh and wet too. Thankfully his coaches didn't see much point in practicing too long, because they sent everyone home after 45 minutes.

Friday we unexpectedly ended up dropping Matthew off at school. Since we rarely have the car on a weekday I took the opportunity to go run a bunch of errands. So Friday was crazy. This is why I actually prefer to stay home and never leave the house. It's too exhausting! One of my errands was to go buy Sophia a coat, because it was getting so cold out. It was a good thing I did too. Saturday morning we got up way too early for Elijah eight a.m. game and it was 46 degrees out! FORTY SIX DEGREES! So we bundled up and headed out. We even took a blanket, which was a really good call since the bleachers were freezing.

Ah, so it was a fun Saturday. NOT! The game went well though. As much of it I could see from under my hood and scarf. Oh and guess who got sick after all this? Elijah. He's usually the last one in the house to get sick. But by Saturday afternoon he was complaining of a sore throat.

Fun stuff. Have I mentioned how much I'm not looking forward to Winter? Fall, yes. But Winter? No thanks. Not after last Winter.

So today I'm busy pulling up all our winter clothes from the basement. Unfortunately they all smell like they've been in the basement (Ewww) so I have a lot of laundry to do. And a sick kid. But at least I only have one sick kid. So far. Fingers crossed that it stays that way!