Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The company clean...

Ever heard of it? It's when you have incoming house guests and you completely panic and clean the house from top to bottom like you do only for company. You know, the proverbial "illusion of perfection". *sigh*

I love having company of course. Especially since we live so far away from all our family. We don't get company but a few times a year. Our last house guest was in March. So it's been awhile since my last company clean.

And I like cleaning really, I'm weird. Or maybe I just like the end result. I'm a big fan of an insanely clean house. At least, for the five minutes it lasts. My problem would be my tendency to procrastinate, until I only have 48+ hours until my company arrives and suddenly have to do a huge amount of cleaning. It sort of makes sense, since it will just get dirty again before they arrive, inevitably.

So, I've got my lovely little anal-retentive list written up with all the things I have to do. Least favorite, take down the shower curtain and wash it. Why? Because I'm short and it's hard to do,a and because I have these stupid shower curtain rings that take Herculean strength to pop open. So yay.

(Yes I'm writing an entire post about cleaning my house. Because I'm boring like that.)

My other plan is to go ahead and make a few meals so that I don't have to spend my entire weekend in the kitchen. Which means I will spend the entire day in the kitchen Friday, but oh well. It's for a good cause right?

At least I'm having back to back company. My in-laws will leave next Monday and my grandparents will arrive on Thursday. So I guess it's a two for one company clean.