Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Randomness...

I've sort of been lagging on the blogging front lately. As usual, not from lack of things to blog about, but from lack of time to blog. And even if I do have time it seems like something else crops up to slow me down, computer issues or just plain feeling lazy.

So here I am....

  • Speaking of time restraints I'm still trying to keep up with my two big goals for the year. Finish my book, completely. And to meet my workout goal. Ehhh can I just say the workout one is probably not going to happen. But I will come close, which is good enough for me. I'm generally happy with my weight and body right now, so it's not that big of a deal to me. However, I'd like to try and stick to the goal just to make sure I'm still working out at least a few days a week. As for the book, well, we're getting there...

  • And speaking of the book. I had to have a "conference call" with my editor, Laura, last night to discuss the ending of my book. *Cue dramatic music, dun dun DUN. Basically, like I was afraid of, my ending is slow and draggy, compared with the rest of the book which is fairly fast-paced and exciting. (Or so I've been told) So I still have a lot of work to do with it. Writing the ending has been so hard for me, mainly because I've never written the ending of a book before! Right now I'm just in the stages of thinking it through again, hopefully I'll get it figured out. My goal is to finished by early December and get Matthew to read it over his Christmas break. This will be his first time reading anything I've ever written, so it's more than a little nerve wracking!

  • I had waaaaaay too much coffee this morning, just saying. Not a good thing, I'm a little stabby today...crabby...stabby...whatever.

  • You know how they say your sense of smell is directly connected with your memories sometimes. This is the weirdest thing. But I got this dish soap and whenever I smell it I get this bad feeling. Like the smell reminds me of something really unpleasant. I must have used this particular soap during a particularly bad, stressful time in my life. It's apple or something, blech! I know that sounds totally weird and crazy, but it's totally true! I just need to throw it away and get some happy-smelling soap!

  • Put that on my list...happy smelling soap...what does happy smell like exactly?

  • The kids and I have a lot of fun fall activities this week. We're making caramel apples, painting their little pumpkin. Friday night we're going to have our annual pumpkin carving Halloween party. Saturday morning we're going Trick or Treating at the mall. So exciting!

  • I made the mistake of dressing up like a pirate and playing with Elijah last week. Now he's asking me to dress up like a pirate and go to the mall with them like that. I tried to explain that that would make me a total dork, but he remained unconvinced...

  • Elijah played his last flag-football game on Sunday morning. He was a little sad that the season was over. Matthew and I on the other, weren't so sad. I look forward to not having to be at the field at 7:30 every Saturday morning, especially now that it's really getting cold out.

  • And speaking of cold...we're supposed to be getting our oil tank filled today for our heat. Oh yeah. Toasty and warm...soon anyway.

  • Anyway, Elijah is done with his spelling words so I've got to cut this short. I'm going to try and blog more than once a week this week, but I can't promise anything. By that I mean I can't promise anything interesting, but lots of mindless rambles. You know what they say, "write what you know!"

PS...I like it when my spelling errors are so bad even spellcheck doesn't know what I was trying to say!

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  1. Outside fall sports have not been popular around here either. The last thing I want to do on a cold, wet Saturday morning is watch a bunch of kids run around in confussion.

    Lol, was that your first conference call? Sounds like it was more interesting than some of the one's I have to call into. But then again, mine aren't about my own book or anything cool like that.