Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Come on!

I'm feeling a little antsy today... I'm mean, I'm sure it's normal to greatly anticipate the upcoming Holiday. But really, I can't wait.

Not for the usual reasons....but mainly because I can't wait for Matthew to be done with school this semester. It's not like I've had to do all the work, because I haven't, besides trying to keep the kids out of his hair while he works on papers, rather frantically. It should all be over, or almost over this time next week, and I can't wait. Did I say that already? Sorry.

This semester has been particularly nuts for one reason, he's taking three classes as opposed the normal two, and still working part-time to pay our bills. Completely nuts. You know what's even more nuts? He wants to do it again next semester! He always has been a glutton for punishment.

There's this super-cheesy jewelry commercial airing lately, hmm ever heard of a jewelry commercial that wasn't super-cheesy? Anyway, in this particular one a husband is obviously graduating with some sort of degree. And yup, you guessed it, bought his wife a present! Of course! When I see this I look at Matthew pointedly...I'm kidding. I'm not really a jewelry person at all. But I will take one of those fancy-shmancy degrees he has hanging on the wall. Besides, he'll soon have three and I have...none. I won't even take the Yale one, I'd settle for the UGA Masters.

All this to say: I'm insanely proud of him. He's wicked smaht. And awesome and works harder than any person I've ever known. Oh and it's his birthday on Saturday!