Monday, December 5, 2011

True love...

Ha, I can't even write that without quoting "The Princess Bride"* wedding scene in my head!

Anyway, y'all know how I feel about coffee, right? As in, I would be dead without it? And coffee is never more needed or wanted than it is first thing on cold, Monday morning when I'm about to start school. Lately, our coffee pot seems to be dying a slow and painful death. But it's still plugging along, so we've yet to replace it. This morning I got up after Matthew. He'd gotten up fairly early to get a head-start on his homework and had already made his morning cup of coffee. So, I got the kids their breakfast and started to make my own coffee. Then I encounter a problem, no the coffee pot hadn't broken, no we weren't out of coffee (heaven forbid!)....we were out of filters. What? Seriously, I JUST went grocery shopping. UGH! I tore apart the pantry, literally in a panic, because I CAN NOT go with out coffee on a Monday morning!

Finally I resigned myself to the fact that there were no filters. Matthew was leaving for class in about fifteen minutes so there was no time for either of us to run to the store and back. So, no coffee, on a Monday morning. Not a good start. I'm now moping around the kitchen, about to microwave myself a cup of tea as a lame alternative when Matthew walks into the kitchen. He holds out his favorite Dead Sea Scrolls coffee mug and just says, "here". Yes, he gave me the last cup of coffee in the house! Now that, my bloggy friends, is true love! Especially since he is just as much of an addict as me and will probably have a whopping caffeine-withdrawal headache by noon! True love...

Of course, if he has time, he can go to the school refectory and get a cup, but still!

* When I was fifteen and working my first job at a schmancy little lunch restaurant my co-workers and bosses were appalled that I had never seen "The Princess Bride". Especially since they quoted from it constantly. One Friday before getting off work my boss handed me the video (yeah we still watched VHS back then) and said, "Here, bring it back when you can quote from it." And I did!