Monday, December 12, 2011

Wherein I continue to be completely...

nostalgic and overly-sappy about Christmas this year...

(title was a bit long)

Dude, we're kind of poor. Okay, maybe not kind of, officially poor. You know, the whole poor college student routine. Only we're a family of four. It's not too bad, we have the cheapest rent in the state of Connecticut, seriously. We have no car payment. We have tons of ridiculously generous family members and friends. Most of the time we manage to scrape by, occasionally we have to call in a favor.

Nine times out of ten, I don't mind. Really. Admittedly, Christmas is a hard time to be poor-ish. Obviously our kids have an amazing Christmas no matter what. They have far to many grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles to not be completely spoiled. The same goes for Matthew and I.

I'm pretty easy to buy for. I like giftcards. Did I say like? I mean I LOVE giftcards. Why? Because it's so much fun to go shopping. Lucky for me this year I got two giftcards from both my grandmas. I went shopping twice, on Friday and Sunday and totally loaded up. In the end I did end up using about a third of my money on presents for Sophia and Matthew. (Elijah's shopping is already done.)

When I got home from shopping on Sunday I decided to go ahead and give Matthew the presents I had bought him (new slippers and gloves) because he really needed them. What's really funny is that he got a giftcard last week too, and confessed to using part of it to buy me a present!

Kind of goes back to my whole "true love" post huh? Sometimes it is more fun to give than receive. Though I did enjoy spending the rest of the money on myself!