Monday, June 24, 2013

A series of successes and failures...

I  feel like this title could describe most trips with small kids. Let me preface this post by saying, in case you didn't already know it, I'm totally a type A personality. Planning is my middle name. So when Matthew suggested last Sunday that we take a last-minute weekend trip to Boston, my first instinct was to say no. But after thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized I would actually regret not seeing the town.

Since we spent the week swamped with moving preparation, it wasn't our best planned trip. For once I didn't pack until the very last minute. Which unfortunately resulted in me forgetting some things. So I give you our Boston trip: Successes and Failures...

  • Driving away from the house I realized immediately that I had forgotten to pack the camera. FAIL!
  • But we just circled back around the block and I ran inside to get it. Thank goodness I remembered before we had driven too far. SUCCESS!
  • Not long after that I realized I had also forgotten to throw my makeup back into the suitcase FAIL!
  • I would like to add that I'm not that vain, I can easily go a day without makeup. However, I was more concerned with the fact that I had put my deodorant in my makeup bag. But our hotel had a little store where you could buy essentials, so I was able to replace it. SUCCESS!
  • We forgot to put the stroller in the car. MAJOR FAIL! See, we keep it in the mudroom for trips to the beach. We don't go many places these days that require Sophia to be in the stroller, so it never crossed our minds. There is no success here, except for the fact that Matthew and I both got a good workout carrying her all over Boston yesterday after she tired out.
  • We got lost multiple times, UGH FAIL!
  • I can read a map pretty well and we had our GPS Ehhh, success?
  • In fact, we got pretty lost in downtown Boston yesterday trying to find a parking garage. FAIL!
  • Our re-route ended up taking us down Boylston Street, the site of the recent Boston bombings. This was a place we hadn't planned on visiting, but I'm glad we got see so we will never forget. So that was a success, I think. There was also a 10K taking place in the area, so it was pretty eerie and sobering to see so many runners up and down the street.
  • It was pretty hot and sunny yesterday in Boston, and I woke up with a headache. So it was a EPIC FAIL to leave my sunglasses in the car!
  • Fortunately my very sweet little boy offered me his baseball hat to shield my eyes until I started feeling better. SWEET SUCCESS.
So yeah, it was that kind of trip. But all in all, I think I'll call it a success. And I'll keep in mind from now on, being a type A personality isn't always a bad thing!
June 066
Hahaha, this is such an out-take! FAIL!

If you want to see the good pictures of the trip, check out my blog post on the family blog!