Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Road jams...

We're getting close to our final day here in Connecticut. Almost everything is packed, the moving truck is reserved, snacks and car activities are all ready for the kids, overnight bags packed, hotels booked, routes planned ect... It's going to be a long drive,  about seventeen hours, and it will be made even longer by the fact that I will be driving every mile of it. Matthew usually drives on all our trips. It's not that I can't drive for long distances, but I'm usually busy taking care of the kids in the backseat while he drives. Oh and I'm the navigator too, I can read a map like nobody's business! Much like our move up here four years ago (not counting the extra addition to our family this time) Matthew will be driving the big truck while the kids and I follow in our Rav. The only reason I'm slightly nervous this time is that Sophia is not as good of a traveler as Elijah was at this age. She gets a little nuts after just a few hours in the car. But like I said, I'm armed with snacks and other new goodies to occupy her. Not to mention we do have a DVD player and  Kindle Fire for emergencies!

But our favorite thing to do on long car trips is listen to music! Our car is on the older side, so we just have a CD player, so I'll be hauling a stack of CDs on the seat beside me. Sophia is as big of a music lover as I am and often gets cranky if it's not loud enough! Elijah is more inclined to just read for the whole seventeen hours.

So here's what I'm bringing along:


One Republic, Native. I've always liked One Republic's songs, but never owned any of their CDs. When this one kept popping up on my Pandora I realized every single song I heard was amazing. If you love upbeat, pop music this is a must-have. I've already listened to it 100 times and could listen to it 100 more!


Taylor Swift, Red. This is actually Sophia's CD, but even I have to admit, it's not too bad. I'm a little sick to death of "I Knew You Were Trouble" but you all know that's Sophia's jam. I might have to let her borrow my iPod shuffle with headphones just so I don't have to hear it for the millionth time.

Slippery When Wet (Remastered)

Bon Jovi, Slippery When Wet. After was pass through New York City on the GWB we'll be cruising through New Jersey for a while. And I while I do I'll be blasting everyone's favorite New Jersey rock band. This was actually a tradition I started four years ago on the move up here. Matthew thinks it's hilarious.


Bon Jovi, Bounce. Just in case I'm in the mood for some newer Bon Jovi. The Bounce tour was the one my dad and I went to, back 2003, so good memories!

The Circle

Bon Jovi, The Circle. Another new one. Probably listen to "Brokenpromiseland" as I'm watching Connecticut disappear through my rear view mirror. Ha ha.

The Very Best Of The Beach Boys: Sounds Of Summer

The Beach Boys, The Very Best Of. I don't think this one needs an explanation. This is actually my CD for our drive down to Florida in a few weeks. But I might bust it out and visualize myself already there if I get stuck in DC traffic!


Led Zepplin, Mothership. Again, no explanation needed. Kashmir just might be my all-time favorite song. Sophia will hate this though. She's not a huge Led Zepplin fan, much to my dismay.

Smoke & Mirrors (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version)

Lifehouse, Smoke and Mirrors. I have every Lifehouse CD that's ever been put out, but if I had to choose just one, this would be it!

No Name Face

 I also packed No Name Face. Just because "Hanging By a Moment" is on there.

Lifehouse, Who We Are. Did I say I was just going to pick one Lifehouse CD, because I'm apparently bringing them all in the car. I just found this one in the stack too.


Lifehouse, Almeria. Last one, I promise. Their latest, but not my favorite. "Between the Raindrops" is good, though!

Living Things

Linkin Park, Living Things

Linkin Park, A Thousand Suns. Again, the kids will probably protest these too, but maybe I'll keep it down low. OR NOT!

Rod Stewart, The Very Best Of. Now that was quite a musical 180, huh? Come on, "Forever Young"!

That's all, the rest of my CDs are packed. And I just now realized I forgot to leave out my Journey CD! NOOOOOOO!!!

See y'all in Georgia...