Thursday, June 20, 2013


  • I am sitting in a perfectly quiet house while everyone else sleeps. I've been going to bed so early (like 9:30) that I wake up around six and can't go back to sleep. This morning I went ahead and got up to do some yoga.
  • I have Boston's "More Than a Feeling" stuck in my head.
  • I'm still in my pjs. Yoga in pjs is awesome.
  • Drinking my coffee and I already ate breakfast! I'm the worst about skipping breakfast, but after my yoga I was hungry so I had some Greek yogurt with honey and granola.
  • I'm planning on going to the beach this afternoon with a friend, but stressed because I really need to pack more. Yesterday was too busy to pack and tomorrow will be as well.
  • I think I'm still in complete and utter disbelief that in eight days we will be living New England for good to move back to the South!