Friday, January 13, 2012

Everyone's a critic...

Especially me. At least, these days.

Now, I know I'm not a published author, and I'm nowhere near being close to one. But I have been writing for a long time. At least ten years or so, as a hobby. So I guess that gives me a tiny bit of insight as to what good writing looks like. And if my own writing doesn't qualify me as a critic, the sheer volume of books I read should.

That being said; I've got to walk away from the free Kindle books. They're starting to piss me off. I guess these authors technically qualify as published authors, even if they've only reached ebook status. But still, they really don't deserve the name. I mostly stick to library downloads of books that have been recommended to me by a friend, but most of these I have to get on a wait list for. Somehow this week I ended up with not a single book to read. So I went online and searched for free Kindle books. I stumbled across one that looked at least somewhat interesting to me. Synopsis can be deceiving, can't they? Anyway, fast forward to reading the first few chapters. Honestly, if this book hadn't been on my Kindle I would have tossed it across the room!

Seriously? This made Twilight look like literary genius. Yeah I said it. TWICE the author used the phrase "make due". Make DUE??? She also clearly knows how to use her thesaurus, and that's not a complement. It doesn't make your writing better to use crazy words, y'all. Also, the story line; two star-crossed lovers who meet unexpectedly and fall head over heels for one another in 2.5 seconds. Why? Because the dude is HOT come on, why else? And the girl is sooo boring and ugly she can't understand why he loves her when he's SO perfect....ugh. I'm getting nauseous. Also, I'm calling BS on the love story. Sorry.

Wow, I can't even continue..

And this is not just my ego talking (though I do have an ego, a giant one, mind you.) My book is better than the free Kindle downloads DANGIT!!!

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