Friday, January 6, 2012

Mixed review...

Basically that's how I feel about 2012 so far. I know we're just one week in. But so far most of it has been a swift kick in the pants. Oy... hopefully things will start looking up soon.

On the other hand, I feel like I have been totally "on" in the writing department. I've been doing a lot of plotting inside my head, the only way I can, just playing it all through deciding how and when certain things should happen. Basically I've wrapped up the final plot of book two. We'll see. I think for today I'll work on my rough draft of that. So much more enjoyable and easier than my other work right now. That work has involved researching agents I think I might have a chance with and getting my query ready to mail out. Obviously this is nerve wracking as heck.

One thing I'm not getting mixed reviews on, my book! I have a lovely group of online friends who have been my go-to focus group for all things book related. It's so nice to have them proofread for me and constantly encourage me. So far everyone loves it. (I really hope they do, and aren't just pretending too for my sake.) I'm cautiously optimistic.

Like I said, the writing has been on lately. I told Matthew yesterday I was getting really close to emailing a few agents and he was surprised we were "there" already.

Crazy stuff. Scary stuff. We'll see what this year hands me.


  1. I will never "pretend for [your] sake." It's too big a deal.

  2. It's only the 6th. Too soon for judgement. Hoping it's a good one.