Friday, January 27, 2012

Four more days...

And January 2012 will be over. AKA, the worst month in the history of the world, or at least my life. Okay, that might be over-dramatizing things a bit, but it's still been a crappy month. I've found myself looking forward to February the way most people look forward to Spring or summer vacation. For now, I'll take February.

Some parts of January have been kinder than others, at least weather wise. This time last year we were, quite literally, buried in snow. Today is simply rainy and dreary. Not the best, but at least we can leave the house if need be.

February may not be a whole lot better than January for all I know, but at least I can hope, right. There's Valentine's day, which we never really go all out for since it's pretty close to my birthday, but we usually do something fun. Oh and tax refund! We're so, so broke right now and I'm really looking forward to being able to exhale just a little when that tax refund February. Also, I'm getting away next month, something I never, ever do, without the kids. I'm going on a mommy get-away weekend at a friends' house. Yep, I will be getting on a plane in no less than twenty-one days (Yes, I'm counting) ALL BY MYSELF! I can't wait!

So February, please come quickly, and please be kind. Especially in regards the weather, if I'm snowed in on February 17th I will probably go insane for good.

And January, you can kiss my....well, you know...