Monday, November 21, 2011

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Ahh, who am I kidding? Let's just say it was the absolute worst of times and be done with it, shall we?

So, in case you're wondering why I say this, let me fill you in. We're sick. Every last one of us. All at varying stages of a wicked cold. Elijah started it, so let's blame him. He had a fever, oh week before last on a Thursday, by Saturday he was coughing and blowing his nose. The week went on and still no one else got sick. I had hoped that for some crazy reason he wasn't contagious or something. Well, that was stupid of me! I don't remember now if it was Friday or Thursday, but Sophia came down with a fever too. And we all know as moms, that a fever is almost always the harbinger of doom. Friday came, and by the evening I noticed something even more disturbing. I had a sore throat. Which for most adults is...the harbinger of doom, or in this case: death.

Friday night was pretty miserable. I was in the beginning stages of a cold and Sophia was now coughing and congested and pretty much unable to sleep. We decided that the only way she was going to get any sleep was if one of us sat up with her in bed. Oh lovely. Have I ever mentioned I don't like co-sleeping, at all? I don't. Especially not when my baby sounds like Darth Vader and I already have one foot in the grave. But we did set up the air mattress out in the libaray and took her in shifts. As a result she slept as good as she could. And the the 2.5 hours of sleep I got were pretty great too. (Yeah, that was sarcastic.) Saturday morning Sophia seemed a lot better. I went back to bed until around nine and woke up feeling surprisingly better.

So what did we decide to do? Stay home and take it easy all day? Of course not, we went to a football game! Granted, the weather wasn't cold, we had the tickets already and the sickies were feeling pretty good for once. At this point Elijah just had a lingering cough, so he was mostly better. The game was fun. We went to the Yale - Harvard game. (No we didn't even know about the tailgating incident until we came home. They did mention at halftime that there had been an accident before the game, but we assumed it was a car crash.) Anyway, around the third quarter, Sophia and I were quickly deteriorating, so we headed home. We both slept almost the entire afternoon.

Once again, I wake up feeling okay. Sophia not so much. That leads me to Matthew, now it's his turn to get sick. Which also meant I was on my own, co-sleeping with the baby. He took nyquil, s there was no way he was going to sleep with her. (Why do you need to know all this? I don't know, it's my blog and this what I feel like talking about today.) Anywho, Saturday night was a little better than Friday. Except that I woke up at 5 a.m. after putting Sophia back in her bed, I was starving and feverish. So I did what any normal person would do. Grabbed a box of cookies, brought them to bed with me, and wrote for a little while. Now, I actually managed to write TWO synopsis for my book, which is great. But I'm pretty sure I was mostly delirious at the time, so I'm a little afraid how they might turn out. Oh well.

Sunday was much like Saturday. Without the football game and with a sick husband to take care of as well. At this point I moved into trying to psyche myself out of being sick. Which usually doesn't work, but whatever. But I am happy to say that this morning I am feeling mostly better, except blowing my nose constantly. Elijah hardly coughed at all last night so I'm hoping he'll be 100% soon. Sophia is coughing awfully bad, but she seems in good spirits. Matthew on the other hand, is the one in bad shape. And of course, he had to go to work today. Fortunately he's out of school all week, though he was counting on this week to work on his papers. He can only work Mon-Wed this week, so he had to go this morning. He has one of those lovely jobs where if you're sick and can't work, then you don't get paid. Which is fun, right? Hopefully he'll make it through the day okay.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll all be close to healthy on Thanksgiving. Otherwise...well, it would really suck!

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  1. Sorry you guys have the sickies. it's no fun at all. Do your best to get some sleep and take it easy until you feel better.