Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Randomness...

I can't believe it's Wednesday, why? Because it totally feels like a Monday. A crappy, boring, INSANE Monday. Why am I blogging now, you ask? This is usually prime teaching time. Well, because my soon-t0-be eighteen month old is on a little reign of terror and I can't get a thing done until she crashes. Which will hopefully be soon.


  • I can't believe it's going to be Thanksgiving next Thursday?? I really need to sit down and get my menu together and make my mile-long grocery list. I love Thanksgiving, but I dread the shopping. I'm even planning on taking Matthew to work Monday morning so I can do my all-important turkey selection. I will be in the zone. Don't call. Of course I'll have both kids with me so that will make it interesting.
  • Speaking of kids, I feel a little bad lately all my blog posts on the family blog have been about Sophia, I really need to do one about Elijah. I guess I don't post much about him because anything to do with him would be regarding school and I don't want to brag too much. *ahem* Okay maybe I do just a little. The last book he read was "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe". WHAT?!?
  • I'm honestly a little freaked out by him lately. I feel like he'll be smarter than me, and probably taller, in just a few short years and I won't know what to do with him!
  • And then there's Sophia, who will be wearing my shoes, stealing my clothes and borrowing my make-up all too soon.
  • Sigh. Let's change the subject.
  • My book! Oh my book. I'm still stewing on my ideas for a synopsis. Trying to decide what it is exactly that will set my book apart from all the others out there. My problem is that I have NO gimmick. There's no vampires or witches and it's certainly not "dystopian". Which I hear is the new thing... Nope, it's just completely normal. But hey, maybe that's what I should focus on, the ordinary becoming extraordinary. Hmmm...
  • Speaking of my book, I just realized last night that I worked on my first book for FOUR years. That's pretty cray-cray right? And it remains unfinished. You know how long it took me to write my current book? Eight months. BOOYAH!
  • Not to mention I'm halfway though the rough draft of my second.
  • What else? Oooh Christmas shopping! I'm totally loving it this year. Last year Sophia was still very much a baby, so there was only so much she could get into. This year will be so much fun. Matthew and I split the shopping for the kids, he shops for Elijah and I shop for Sophia. So far I've gotten her a Sleeping Beauty Barbie doll. Also on my list is a pillow pet (she loves them!) and a tea set. Ahhhh, what can I say? I love having a little girl!
  • Dude, we're totally tailgating at the Yale game on Saturday. That's how we roll.
I think that's all, for now. Time to go try and put the little monkey to bed. Wish me luck!