Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've always joked around about the fact that I seem to have mild OCD. Specifically when it comes to cleaning the house. I just can't stand messes, period. Still, I've never considered myself to be one of those super-crazy neat freaks. I mean, I let my kids make messes, I just make them clean it up afterward! I only do laundry twice a week. Vacuum, sweep and mop once a week. So I'm certainly not out of control or anything.

Or so I thought...

See, we don't have a dishwasher. In fact, in the six years I've been married I've only had a dishwasher for nine months out of that. The nine glorious months we lived in our pretty little townhouse in Athens, with TWO bathrooms AND a dishwasher. Heaven on earth, right there. So, anyway, we're back to no dishwasher here. But at least in this house, as opposed to our old, tiny campus apartment we lived in when Matthew was attending UGA, we at least have a double sink. The only downside of having the double sink, with no garbage disposal is that if one sink gets even remotely clogged, the other one backs up as well. Seriously, I could get a job as a plumber, I'm so good at unclogging kitchen sinks...but I digress. What was I talking about? Oh right, cleaning OCD...

Well, the other night I woke up at two a.m., I think I was checking on Sophia because she had made some noise. (Did I also mention I have super-sensitive hearing? Yeah that's fun.) Anyway, on my way back from the kids room I noticed a funny smell coming from the kitchen. I went back to bed and tried to sleep, but the smell and the possible source was still bothering me. Finally I decided it must have been coming from the sink, specifically the second sink, which all the gross food and stuff seems to get backed up in. Is this really gross? Sorry. So, I get back up out of bed and go out to the kitchen. The second sink is usually covered by my giant dish drainer so I move that to the side. Sure enough, the sink is super-gross. So what do I do? I clean it! I'm talking full on scrub and bleach. Also, it's one of those old-fashioned deep sinks, so this is no small task. Finally satisfied that my sink is non-stinky I go back to bed.

Now, when I wake up the next morning I have almost no memory of my nighttime cleaning. But when I go into the kitchen I can't help but notice the dish drainer in the wrong spot (because I have OCD right? It doesn't go THERE!) and the sink all shiny and sparkly. At first, like any sane person, I think the sink-cleaning fairy has visited us. But then I vaguely remember cleaning the sink at two a.m. in my pjs, half asleep.

This makes it kind of official, doesn't it?

*Cue people inviting me to spend the night at their house in hopes I might clean their shower.

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  1. How funny! And totally sounds like something I do. I don't even claim to have mild OCD. No, it is more severe than that;)