Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Thanksgiving or Christmas Conundrum...

It's a lifelong debate between most adults...which is better Thanksgiving or Christmas? We all know how kids feel about the two, but I think most grown ups would agree that Thanksgiving is the superior one of the two. For one thing, it's not about buying and exchanging gifts. It's simply about good food and good company. Normally I would agree. Except I really, really love presents! Also, I might have agreed a few years ago, when we would spend the holiday with family. And when my mom, or my mother-in-law were doing the majority of the cooking!

It's not that I mind the cooking, really, I love to cook. And I've never had any huge Thanksgiving disasters. For the most part we have been enjoying the past three Thanksgivings, spent with just our little family. Except for one thing. I do all the cooking. All of it. This probably woudn't be as big of a deal if I didn't insist on cooking so much!

Here's our menu for this Thanksgiving: turkey, gravy, cornbread dressing, brocolli cheese casserole, rolls, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole and pumpkin pie. Excluding cranberry suace, all was made from scratch, by me. I was baking on Tuesday! Anyway, I'm not complaining, not really, but dang that's a lot of cooking! I enjoy every bite, and I pretty much refuse to cook anything until all the leftovers are done.

And by the time the table is set, the food is all ready to go, the kids are dressed and in their seats...I look like this...


Haha, hello mad face! (Thank you Matthew, for snapping this picture of me.) Also, yeah I need to take the meat cleaver off the wall. But that's such a handy place to keep it.

All that just to say this: from now on, Christmas is my favorite holiday, hands down. Well, unless Matthew requests duck for Christmas dinner...

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  1. What? Christmas is so much better than Thanksgiving. And even do all the cooking for Christmas. But, oh...the cookies. And the gifts. And the look on Michael's face. And the week off that I get. So much to love about it.