Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blah blah blah...

That's basically how I feel this morning. Yesterday was so bloody long. My daughter has hit the terrible twos with a force that would give a normal mommy whiplash. Last night at dinner she absolutely refused every single thing the rest of us were eating and then proceeded to SCREAM ALL NIGHT LONG. No she's not sick, she's just a terror.

I've now come to realize, what I always have known in the back of my head. Elijah was not good preparation for being a mom. One of my friends in my mom's group, who watched him and the other kids last week, told me he was a "saint'. Yup, Saint Elijah, that sounds about right.

I'm kidding, really. He has his moments too. They're just much milder and less frequent than his sister's moments. See, right now he's reading quietly in the library. In a minute I'll ask him to go get dressed and do his chores, which he will most likely do without a fuss. Meanwhile his sister is hanging on my leg saying something over and over again. What is that? "I poop I poop". Uh oh.

Okay. Now what was I saying? I'M LEAVING IN TWO DAYS!

That's all. Carry on.


  1. This is my true belief: that people who have one easy kid the first time around think it is so hard until they get a hard kid and then they realize they should have appreciated how easy they had it. I say this as a twin mom who had one hard one and one easy one!

    And HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Neither one of my boys has ever sat quietly reading anything. Quietly watching tv? YES.

  2. I thought I was crazy and doing everything wrong with Grace. Then I had Lily and realized that Grace was just a super-needy baby/toddler. Her terrible twos were AWFUL and they started when she was 15 months old. Her terrible threes are HORRIBLE. And she is not ever still, quiet, or content for more than 15 minutes MAX. If Lily hadn't come by surprise right on the heels of her sister... I'm not sure I would have wanted to have a second child - and I wanted 5 when we got married! Now that I know it's personality more than parenting, we're thinking #3... and hoping for another laid back child instead of another high needs one. It is exhausting!

  3. Bahahaha!

    *catches breath*


    *wipes tears away*