Monday, February 6, 2012

The bright side...

This is my official announcement that the winter doldrums are over and I'm coming out of hiding. Wait, you didn't know I was in hiding? Well, I guess not in the internet world, but sadly, in the real world. It's seriously been about two week since I left the house for something other than groceries. I know, it's dreadfully antisocial. I'm not sure how I got that way, I just did. Let's not reiterate all the reasons why January was sucky, let's just move on, okay? I don't know if it was just everything around me, but I didn't really feel like going anywhere or seeing anyone, period.

That all changed this weekend. I'm not sure if it was one thing, or a combination of things. For starters, we were all finally feeling healthy, it took almost three days for everyone to fully bounce back from that awful stomach bug, but when we woke up on Saturday feeling pretty good it was Matthew's idea to get out of the house. The day pretty much snowballed from there, in a good way! We stopped by the library to let the kids get some books, while we were there Matthew checked his email (our internet was down) and as an afterthought checked our bank account. He found our balance significantly higher than usual. Sure enough, our state tax refund was in. Of course, after that we knew we had some spending to do! It's been a rough financial year for us so far, and we've long since cut out any and all frivolous spending, not that we had much to begin with. First stop was the grocery store, where we pretty much threw things in the cart haphazardly, it was pretty fun. No stopping to add things up on my calculator!

After that, at my insistence, we hit up Target and stocked up on other necessities. And a few things that weren't necessary, I got a new purse, Matthew got a CD and the kids each picked out a toy.

Sound crazy right? Yep, that's our idea of a good time and living large. Ha. But I'm not complaining! Also on the agenda: going out to dinner for my birthday in a few weeks!

I'm not saying money makes me happy, but having a little extra sometimes sure doesn't hurt.

So that was kind of a big upward swing for us. Hey, I don't have to worry about us making the rent on time this  month, sweet! It's the little things.

And the big things. In other news, and this should be a whole other blog post, so I'll keep it brief. I finished my second novel!

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  1. We live parallel lives. Except I've been a hermit for the entire month of Jan. And we haven't gotten our tax refund yet because I haven't done them yet because we just got all of our W2s in this weekend. And I don't do the calculator thing in the store... instead I have a super detailed list with prices and I stick to the list exactly so we don't go one penny over budget. Oh, and our tax refund money won't be going for any splurging of any kind... instead, it will go to pay off bills from when Jeff was laid off. Other than that, we're totally twins. ;)

    And YAY on finished your second novel! Keep it up, you will get published... persistence is they key to success!