Thursday, February 9, 2012

One day...

Yesterday my friend Laura did a blog post chronicling her whole day from start to finish. Since I've never been much of an original person, I decided to do the same today. I thought, quite mistakenly, that my day would be pretty boring compared to most people. Um, I was wrong. My kids made sure my day wasn't too boring. I guess one day in our house is pretty different than most people's. For one, I homeschool, and when I'm not homeschooling and being a stay-at-home mom, I'm a writer. People are forever asking me how I fit all this in. Some days it's not a challenge, some days it's a huge challenge. Yesterday was the'll see!

7:40- Wake up. I don't set an alarm, because Sophia is my alarm. She wakes up anywhere between 7 and 8, Elijah usually follows, since they share a room. Matthew gets up at 6:30 to start on his homework. I get up and fix the kids breakfast, make coffee, put away dishes. After the kids are done I wash the breakfast dishes, Elijah starts his morning chores (getting dressed, making his bed ect.). Then I get Sophia dressed, change her diaper and make her bed.

8:30- Matthew leaves for work/class. The kids and I start school with a Bible lesson. After I settle Elijah with some busy work, yesterday he wrote a letter to his cousin, addressed Valentine's and did his phonics workbook. While he's doing that I change the sheets on the bed and throw on the laundry. Sophia is usually running around getting into trouble this whole time. Yesterday she was super cranky and I had no choice but to put her back to bed. As soon as she was asleep I swept and mopped the kitchen, by now I'm also calling out spelling words to Elijah while I clean. (I also ended up cleaning out the refrigerator). Let's see, next we did a math lesson (expanded notation). While he's working on his math problems I do a quick blog post.

10:30- I sneak a little breakfast, finally. Sophia wakes back up and starts terrorizing us all. We try to get through the rest of school anyway. We still have geography, Latin, science and reading out loud to do.

Elijah working on his geography project, Sophia shoving a crayon in her eyeball. Pretty typical school day.

12:30- School is done, time for lunch! The kids get to watch a cartoon on PBS while they eat and I hide in the kitchen with my own lunch and read. I'm re-reading the Hunger Games.

Elijah eating happily, Sophia dismantling her turkey sandwich.

1:30- This is Sophia's regular naptime, she was super-crabby yet again, so I put her back down. Elijah then does his homework (yup, this homeschool kid does homework) and then he usually likes to play with his Star Wars action figures for a while. I take the time to do a little yoga and shower.

2:30- When I get out of the shower Sophia is still sleeping and Elijah is begging me to play the Wii, I let him, because he wrote me a hilarious post-it note that said, "Can I play Wii, I promise not to jump." While he's doing that I settle in to get some writing done.

Coffee, notes, and GO!

3:30- Sophia wakes up from her nap and she has a snack with Elijah. Normally we might go outside, but it was freezing yesterday. Everything from here on out was just crazy and chaotic. I'd like to say something like we all sat down and played and had quality time together, but mostly it was just a lot of this....


And this...

Um... (Don't worry, it wasn't open.)

5:30- Matthew finally comes home from work to save me from this madness. Well, not really. See he's taking three classes this semester again, so he basically heads straight to his library to get started on his homework. I start dinner while trying to corral the kids and keep them out of his hair.

6:30- Dinner. I made Greek chicken with capers, artichokes and orzo. Elijah ate it all, Sophia did not. Big surprise!

7:00- Not a bath night, play time with Daddy and books. Dishes for Mommy.

7:30- Bedtime for Sophia, hallelujah and praise the Lord, SERIOUSLY!

8:00- Bedtime for Elijah, ditto, but he wasn't too bad yesterday. After both kids are in bed I'm back on my computer writing. At some point I'll take my notes, and my Kindle out to the couch and proofread while I'm watching TV. Tuesday night there was nothing on so I sat at my computer editing until 10:30. Last night I watched TV until ten.

10:00- Read in bed. I went to bed early last night, because it was a cray-cray day of LOTS of whining. I fell asleep talking Matthew's arm off. I'm trying to convince him to let me have my birthday present early...

So in summation. What do I notice most about my day?

  • Homeschooling requires lots of mulitasking!
  • I wash dishes too much. (I really didn't list all the times I washed dishes.)
  • Writing a books is a lot of work.
  • I am part hermit. We don't even leave the house some days. Though I'm pretty okay with this. You can't homeschool if you're not at home!
  • It's a good thing Sophia is cute...


*Also, I forgot to mention: check my gmail account fifty-thousand times a day to see if I got a response from any agents regarding my book!


  1. Our days sound so similar. :) I had a friend send me a message the other day asking me to detail how I'm able to do preschool with Grace and keep Lily content/entertained. Maybe I'll copy both of y'all and just put it in a blog post. If I ever get time, that is. ;)

  2. Four things I noticed -
    1. Your kids are so dang cute!
    2. It is so fun to see how other people do their daily lives - love this post!
    3. I'm sorry you don't have a dishwasher :(
    4. There are no pics of you!