Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wearable words...

I like words, that's probably a vast understatement. Maybe it's the writer in me, maybe it's just something pre-programmed in my head. When I was a kid, my dad used to take out our dictionary and quiz me on words and their definitions, I always thought it was fun.

Anyway, so when I saw this necklace tutorial on Pinterest I became obsessed. I had to have it! Luckily for me, I have jewelry making experience, my mom and I both went through a huge jewelry making phase a few years back. I still have all my tools and findings. But I had to make a special trip to Michael's for the other stuff. Yesterday I finally made it out and picked up all the stuff I needed. I could not wait to get started. Of course, the directions include using two book pages. Well, I couldn't think of any books I could bare to rip pages out of it. And I wasn't really interested in wearing just any old book pages. Everything I do has to be deliberate, it's the OCD/perfectionist inside of me. Of course, I printed two pages of my book to use instead. Awesome, right? Not only that, it had to be two meaningful pages. So which two? That was easy. The last two. The hardest ones to write. I know, I know, I'm crazy.

I spent most of my afternoon and all of my evening working on this necklace, because it's not that easy. Every single little word medallion had to hang just right, because you'd better believe I handpicked each little circle to show certain words. But, in the end it turned out...well, perfect.


I made mine longer than the tutorial called for, because I liked it that way, I think I also spaced my stuff differently.

Cool huh?


  1. WOW CACEY! It turned out even better than the pinterest one! GORGEOUS!