Tuesday, May 14, 2013

30X30 Challenge week dos...

Hmmm for some reason I thought I was supposed to post this tomorrow? But it looks like everyone else has already posted theirs, so here I go!

This week was fun. I didn't have too much trouble putting together different looks from the same thirty pieces since there were still a bunch of items I haven't worn yet. And I still have things I haven't worn yet, woo hoo!

Anyway, here we go!

Last Wednesday I had to run some last minute errands for Elijah's birthday. I went all by myself, hooray! It was rainy and gross out, so I wore my frumpy shoes. Jewelry by me. :) You can't really see it though.


I liked this outfit a lot, since it's something I wouldn't have normally put together. Kind of the whole point of this challenge. And I'm rocking my giant sock bun in this pic! I made the necklace here, too.


Friday was another night spent down at the ball field, so I wanted to me be warm and comfy. I have to say I kind of hit the wall on Friday and got a little bored with this whole project. Sophia offered me the perfect solution.

More accesories, DUH!!!


Saturday was Elijah's seventh birthday party so I dressed up a little. Again, not something I would have normally done, putting a blouse over a dress, but I really liked the way this turned out. When I showed my husband these pictures he griped at me for not smiling so the next day I promised him I would smile BIG! Necklace by me, again.


My Mother's day outfit is my favorite this week. We went to church so it was a nice excuse to get dressed up! See, I smiled BIG! Necklace by me, earrings by Brighton. Loving green with my new red hair. Day12

Mondays are a bit rough around here since we basically do school, eat an early dinner and then head straight to the ballfield. I was pretty frumpy yesterday, but oh well!

That's all! I had a lot of fun this week. Next week should be getting a little challenging though.

Oh and a few of you mentioned my backdrop in these photos so I thought I'd give you a little history. My husband is a Biblical scholar and book junkie. These photos were all taken in his library office. I think at last count his collection totals over one thousand books, they are all catalogued too. As you can see in day 9, the books go on for a while!