Monday, May 20, 2013

30x30 Challenge...

So here we are at week three and I'm not really missing the rest of my wardrobe quite yet. I guess it helps that about half of my 30 items were new-ish already and that the rest of my Spring/Summer wardrobe is still packed away for the winter.

Before I show you what I wore, I have to start with the disclaimer that my week was alternately crazy/lazy. So therefore my outfits were basically crazy and/or lazy. Oh and I cheated. *sigh*


This was Tuesday of last week? Literally all dressed up and no place to go. I was supposed to go on a girls' night out with some friends, but things got crazy around the house and I couldn't get away. At least I looked cute for the hubs.


If Tuesday was crazy, Wednesday was crazier. I threw this on in a hurry and snapped a pic without doing a dozen others, thus the pissy expression. Rough day!


Thursday I ran errands with the littles. And...errr...shopped. I'm sorry! Day16

Friday was the day I cheated. Did I say I was sorry? I'm not. Whoops.


Saturday I was busy grocery shopping and birthday shopping for my baby girl. Once again, I didn't put too much thought or effort into my outfit and the result was...underwhelming. Oh well! My red Toms make their 50th appearance in this challenge. What can I say? I love them.


Sunday was lazy family day at home. My eyebrows are starting to scare me...

So there you have it. What have I learned this week? Ummm... I'm tired of taking my own picture!