Thursday, May 2, 2013

Here goes nothin'...

So, admittedly I'm in a bit of a blog slump. I usually relegate this blog to my writerly stuff, but since nothing much is happening on that front I decided to do something different! My friend Carrie (you can find her blog, Mama's Going to Buy You a Mockingbird in my blog list on the right hand side) is participating in a 30x30 challenge and she totally talked me into doing it too. It's basically where you take thirty items out of your wardrobe and wear only those thirty items (not including accessories) for the next thirty days, so all of May. Anyway...I'm so not a fashion blogger. Aside from posting the occasional hair pic, I don't like to post pictures of myself all that much. Mainly because I HATE taking selfies. So we're going to have to get over that...I guess. Other than that, I don't think I'll have any trouble with this at all. Since I don't work most of my clothes are pretty casual, aside from church and Bible study and the occasional family outing, I mostly live in jeans and t-shirts.

We'll see how this goes. The first day of this challenge  May 1st, everyone is posting pics of their 30 items. Again, not so hard. I don't have a huge wardrobe, and I'm pretty used to re purposing things.

Here we go!

    May 001

    Can a girl live in just six pairs of shoes for a month? Totally.
    1. Chaps wedge flip-flops from Kohls
    2. Sonoma wedges from Kohls
    3. Yellow Box flip flops sister in law
    4. Green Converse...need to be washed!
    5. Red Toms
    6. Mossimo flats from Target...boring, but go with everything

    May 003

    Sweaters and jackets
    7. Old Navy military jacket...I've had this since 2004, it's my favorite!
    8. Mossimo boyfriend blaze from Target
    9. So short sleeved sweater from Kohls
    10. Mudd long-sleeved grey thingy. Not sure what it is, cardigan? Who cares, it's cute on. Not in pictures, though.
    May 004

    Skirts, dresses...oh I only picked two. Ehhh.
    11. Black pencil skirt, some random Kohls brand
    12. Black and white dress from Ross
    13. Candie's stiletto mary janes. I probably won't wear these too many times, but I've got to have "church" shoes. Plus I think there is a girls night out in my May itinerary and I don't want to regret not having heels!

    Do you spot the problem with my wardrobe so far....? NO COLOR!

      May 007
    T-shirts and tank tops oh my!

    14. So mint racer back tank from you see a pattern here?
    15. Blue tank from H&M
    16. Coral long and lean tank from Target
    17. White v neck tee from Target
    18. Green v neck tee from Target
    19. Mint striped tank from H&M
    20. Not pictured black crew neck tee from Kohls

      May 009

    Other random tops

    21. Black and white striped cardi from Ross
    22. So chambray blouse guessed it...KOHLS!
    23. So short sleeved blouse from Kohls
    24. Sonoma vest from *sigh* Kohls
    25. Old Navy green sleeveless blouse

    May 010

    And last but not least PANTS! Erm, okay, I know three pairs look exactly the same!

    26. Mossimo skinnies from Target
    27. Tan skinnies from H&M
    28. Mossimo "jeggings" don't you love the word "jeggings" No?
    29. So white skinnies from Kohls. They are cropped length, but apparently not on me!
    30. Mossimo skinnies from Target. Look the same as the first pair, but they are ankle length with zippers. SO cute!

    I did it! If you want to see more bloggers who are participating, go to the hostess's blog at Mrs. In Training

    And here is the schedule. Dude, does this mean I have to actually get dressed every day? Uh oh.

    Wednesday, May 1st:  My 30 selected items
    Wednesday, May 8th:  Days 1-6
    Tuesday, May 14th:  Days 7-12
    Monday, May 20th:  Days 13-18
    Monday, May 27th:  Days 19-24
    Monday, June 3rd:  Days 25-30


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    2. Agh, I messed up my last comment! I am so excited you are going to try this out! I really can't wait to see what you do with your Chambray blouse! I need more ideas of how to wear mine. Also, love your red Toms. This is going to be so fun (gulp, I hope!)!! :)

    3. Okay, love the red Toms. I have been wanting them for a long time, but I worry I wouldn't be able to wear them with much so I'm excited to see how you style them!

    4. I'm so glad you're joining in!! Can't wait to see your styled outfits!