Friday, May 17, 2013

Cheater, cheater...

So, the whole point of this 30x30 challenge is to re-purpose the clothes you already have instead buying new. Totally cool with me. See, I don't shop anyway. Because...errr...I don't have any money to shop with! (A problem I hope will be rectified that now that Matthew has graduated from Yale and we're hopefully getting a "real" job!) Basically I shop a few times a year: when I have Christmas money/giftcards, when I have birthday money/giftcards or when I visit my mom and she takes me shopping! Most of the items you've seen in my pics so far are either old, or bought recently with birthday money. So you'd think it wouldn't be hard for me to go thirty days without shopping, wouldn't you? WRONG!

First of alll, I have to preface my confession with the realization that this challenge has brought to light certain things lacking in my wardrobe. (Pretty sure Matthew would disagree with this, but whatevs.) One, I don't wear skirts, maybe I should? I'm not sure, but I just LOVE jeans. I look good in jeans. Skirts not so much. I don't have attractive legs, they are short and stumpy. Hooray for being five foot nothin'. But I like skirts, I just don't own many. Two, I don't wear prints hardly at all. I'm still deathly afraid of floral prints apparently. Any prints I have are basically black and white, not exactly exciting. Three, I'm also a bit of a color phobe. Which is weird, because I tend to lean toward loud hair, shoes and lipstick but not clothing.

Anyway, I'm rambling per usual....I was at Target last week scooping up some last minute things for my birthday boy when I came across this on the sale rack...(on the little girls' sale rack, for six bucks, no less.) 14379312_130130183000

Look, ma, color! And it's a skirt!  Needless to say I made it mine. Even my poor self can justify six bucks. That same day I also picked up some super cute grey cut-off shorts and a Hello Kitty shirt (six each) for Fifi. Target, how do I love thee...

Anyway, so that's one minor indiscretion  and I haven't even worn it yet! But I might break the rules and wear it for Fifi's third birthday party this week. She's having a ballerina theme and I know she would love it if mommy basically wore a pink tutu, ha ha.

After that I was resolved to be good and stick to the challenge. But then Kohls (my second favorite store after Target) so kindly sent me a ten dollar giftcard out of no where. They do this a lot. I think they're secretly in love with me. AND my grandma tucked a ten dollar bill in my mother's day card. Hmm...So I was at Kohls yesterday browsing since the card expires next week. Normally I probably would have spent it on Fifi, but she already has a bunch of new clothes coming for her birthday, so I didn't. I really, really wanted a new purse, but I was determined not to go far over my twenty dollar budget. They had almost nothing in that price range. So I thought to myself, "Self, this is basically free money, buy something you never would think of buying." And I said, "Self, shut up already!"

But then I saw this...


Again, totally something I would never, ever buy. It's a short skirt AND a print. (Alas STILL black and white. I'm trying, really.) So then I thought it needs something really bright and colorful on top.

Like this...

  1355500_Blazing_Yellow (1)

Yellow! I don't own anything yellow. I hustled off to the dressing room with my two littles in tow and tried it on. I was a little unsure at first, but in the end I decided to go for it. My total was 25 and some change, so I basically only spent five bucks out of my own pocket! Sweet! May 066

Tada! Look at me getting all fashion bloggery...well, not really. I need different shoes...hmmm. The shirt has a lace panel in the back too, didn't get a pic of that.

But I'm proud of myself for going outside the box a little for once.