Thursday, February 21, 2013

My brain just exploded...

Well, sort of.

In case you missed it, and I'm pretty sure you didn't, or did you? My second book finally came out yesterday. Of course, to add to my impatience, which has been growing since last October, Amazon spent sixteen bloody hours getting it up! I think was around two pm (I had submitted my files at ten the night before, and it's only supposed to take twelve hours) that it finally popped up on Amazon. After that I started spamming Facebook a little obnoxiously. (Sorry) And then sat back to bask in the glow of my minor success. Relatively minor, anyway.

But that's not the real story. For as excited I was to release Finding Sanctuery, it was a bit overshadowed by London Escape's stellar performance on the freebie charts. (Yes, I know it's free, free sells, blah blah blah) You can't minimilize these numbers. My total downloads for yesterday were a little over six hundred. It's free again today and we're already up to almost eight hundred (including the six hundred from yesterday.) So let me check my spreadsheet and crunch the numbers real quick...

That brings my grand total downloads (real sales and freebies, USA, UK and other places) to a whopping 2,826.


That's all I can say. Still not famous. Still not really published. But still pretty happy with where I am right now. People are reading my book. As far as I know they are liking it. Haven't had a negative review. (YET!)

I can't complain. EXCEPT Finding Sanctuary has only sold eleven copies so far! So go buy it!

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  1. I am waiting until the free days are over to buy it!