Thursday, May 19, 2011

Due date...

Can you believe that one year ago today was Sophia's due date? It feels like ten years ago, and at the same time, ten minutes ago. I guess that's life sometimes. I'm definitely feeling the baby fever, not that I'm ready for another one! One of my good friends from church just had her baby boy! I'm so excited and I can't wait to meet him. Although I realized it might really depress me, because I gave her a bunch of Elijah's old clothes. It will be weird to see a new baby in my baby's clothes. Especially considering my baby is FIVE. And I should probably stop calling my baby, huh?

Sophia is still my baby. But there are days when she seems more like a toddler. Scratch that, there are days when she seems like a sixteen year old. She is so stubborn and determined. I'm glad though. I feel like she's never going to let anyone push her around, and I think that's a good thing.

So, this time last year I was about 35 pounds heavier, most of it around the middle, if you can believe that. If you're my friend on Facebook you should go look at my last belly shot I posted. It is, to put it simply, quite horrifying. My big nine pound girl. We waited so long for her! I feel like I sometimes sound like we had issues getting pregnant by the way I talk about how long we wanted her. But life was never just quite stable enough for us to feel comfortable having another baby. After we moved here in summer of 2009 we said, let's wait a year to get on our feet and then we'll, think about having a second baby. Which means we should have been having our second one around this time. Instead we got pregnant right away, purely by accident. It was sort of Gods way of saying to us, "No, you're good, you're going to stay here a while, so you might as well have another one." Seriously. That's what it seemed like to me. Still, four years is long time to wait.

And now here we are.

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  1. I think little girls who have an older brother just have to be tougher by nature. I know Katie is!