Saturday, May 21, 2011

Party time!

Sophia's first birthday is now less than twenty-four hours away! Though I would really appreciate it if she would sleep past six on her birthday.

The party may not be until tomorrow, but the preparations start today. I've got to go to the grocery store and get a cake mix and all that. I'll probably put up a bunch of decorations tonight after she goes to bed. Which means I have about twenty pink balloons to blow up. It's a tradition in my family that you get to pick your favorite meal to have on your birthday. When I was growing up my brothers and I picked schnitzel with mashed potatoes and gravy (a German dish). Yum, I want some now! Elijah always, always picks pizza. Since Sophia can't pick her favorite meal and she generally likes everything (except peas) we picked Mexican food for her. Believe or not she loves spicy taco meat (with cheese of course).

She's received a ton of presents from all the family members far and wide. It's so cute to see boxes with her name on them on the doorstep. We definitely have a theme so far with the presents that have already been seen; clothes, clothes and more clothes! There's something to be said for being the only girl in the family. Although now I have a huge temptation to go buy her some toys! I shouldn't feel bad, she plays with all of Elijah's old toys too. We did get her a really cool musical instrument set which I know she will love. Also my parents got her this big bookshelf/organizer thing for her room which is super cute. Now everything is all nice and neat.

Anyway, I'm excited. Super, super excited. I can't help but think back on Elijah's first birthday party and all the family that we had over that day. BUT I know we will see everyone soon (in one month!) and that everyone with be with us in spirit.

Also, we're getting a new camera today! We went last night and picked one out, but it was out of stock. They were supposed to get a bunch in last night, so Matthew is going back to get it today. I can't wait! One week without a camera is to long. Also, I'm really excited about the one we picked, it's a Canon Powershot and I think it's going to be really good.