Monday, May 9, 2011

A whole lotta crazy...

Do you ever feel like there is just so much going on in your life, good things, crazy things, busy things, happy things, maybe a few sad things, and it just gets to be so much you just have sit down rub some peas in your hair?


Well, apparently Sophia does. Are we stressing her out or somthing, why does she feel the need to rub mashed up peas in her hair? Oh wait, she hates peas, I forgot. Apparently she was trying to make sure I go the message to never feed her peas again. Point taken.

And oh yes, you'd better believe that Matthew gave her a bath after this, because I played the "Mother's Day" card.

And yeah, I have to admit, that's sort of how I feel lately. A little crazed. Maybe rubbing peas in your hair alieveates this a little, I've never tried. Goodness knows I end up with enough food in my hair when I'm not trying!

Why do I feel a little crazed? There's just a lot going on the next few weeks. I don't need to list them again do I (birthday, baptism, birthday, not to mention about three doctor's appointments). Crazy. I got all the stuff for Elijah's cake on Saturday, came home, and then proceeded to have a panic attack because I forgot to ask him what he wanted for his birthday dinner. What kind of mother am I?! And then I calmed down when I realized that I had all the stuff to make pizza, so we're cool. There's no way he'll ask for anything else. Matthew and I had a party planning meeting last night after dinner (lol), where we talked cake strategy. Did I mention cakes are kind of a big deal around here? They're always home made (ehh from the box at least) and hand decorated by the Master Cake Decorator, Matthew. Seriously, he can decorate a mean cake. We've got our plan down for an awesome Star Wars one this year, it should be awesome!

Going to try and keep the peas out of my hair and remain calm.


  1. Okay, first of all - Sophia looks so grown up! I mean, she doesn't look all baby-like anymore... more like a toddler already!

    Second, rejoice that your stress is all good, happy stress! Birthday parties and baptisms are the happy stresses in life! Don't forget to enjoy it!!

  2. Even with peas in her hair, she looks pretty cute.

    Can't wait to see the cake!