Monday, May 16, 2011


Whatever it is you're doing right now, and do me one big, huge, giant favor. In fact, I'm going to sort of demand you do exactly as I say right now. It's pretty simple, I promise, you just have to follow two easy steps...

First I want you to look at this cute baby girl...

Pretty cute, huh? This is Lily, and the rest of step one is to remember her cute little face and her name.

Step two, might be a little trickier for some. I want you to pray for her.

You see, Lily is having surgery tomorrow, a pretty serious surgery to remove a mass from her lung. I know that not everyone believes that there is someone out there listening to us when we pray, but I know, and Lily's mommy knows that there is someone out there listening. And he is God who answers our prayers. So just think of her tomorrow, and when you think of her, say a prayer.

Say a prayer for her mommy Julie, her daddy Jeff and her big sister Grace. Say a prayer for all the doctors and nurses who are going to be taking care of her over the course of her stay. Say a prayer that everything goes according to plan and that everything is "best case scenario".

Not too hard right? Now do it!!!

If you want to read more about Lily and her surgery you can go to Julie's blog here.


  1. I will keep Lily and her family in my prayers! Please update after her surgery if you can.

  2. Thank you for posting this, Cacey, and thank you to everyone who prayed for Lily. She is home from the hospital and doing great. The prayers worked and even the surgeon was shocked to tears at how easy her surgery was - when she was up at 4 am going over Lily's surgery - and Lily's surgery was her only surgery of the day so she could take her time - and it ended up only taking 2.5 hours. God is Good!