Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Random...blahs...

It's starting to feel less like randomness and more like random-blahs. So I'm changing the name, officially, at least for today...

  • I had to clean my kitchen today, like, really clean it, from top to bottom. Not fun. Icky. Blah.

  • Last night I had a dream that I got my hair cut by a friend, a friend who doesn't know how to cut hair. Interestingly enough it turned out cute. Maybe I need to enlist an amature hairdresser...or not.

  • You know what else I dreamed about? Cupcakes, presents, and party decorations. It's four days until my baby girl's first birthday and I'm going CRAZY! On Monday the box of party supplies I ordered arrived. I didn't go crazy, just a few plates and cups and some streamers and balloons. We're doing monkeys with pink and green accents. It's going to be soooo cute. I also had a tiny splurge (oh nevermind I had a coupon so it was a whole seven bucks) and bought one of those pretty metal cupcake stands since we're doing cupcakes instead of cake. I justified it easily, because with a girl in the house I'm sure we'll have more cupcake parties!

  • So, the dream came from the fact that I laid awake in bed last night (I drank a coke right before bed, big mistake!) and was envisioning different icing combos for the cupcakes. Let me spell it out....I have pink and yellow cupcake papers, bright colors, and I'm doing pink and green icing. Sooo I'm thinking the pink frosting with the yellow papers and the green frosting with the pink papers. OR do I leave out the yellow because it's not really part of my color scheme and do all pink papers with green icing. AND THEN do I do polka dots in a contrasting color on top of the icing? Because I can't decide....and I totally should have never been allowed to have a girl!

  • And yes my husband thinks I'm insane...

  • I painted her toenails again on Monday, with a Barbie pink nail polish that I bought just for her. I think I need help.

  • Hey, I'm not the one who bought her a tiara and a purse for her birthday! (I'm looking at you Mom!)

  • As for Elijah, well, we're officially on summer break, and by that I mean we're doing summer school.

  • Too bad it looks like February outside. I decided yesterday that I really need rainboots, though I usually like to make fun of people for wearing them...I need some. My feet were soaked by the time I got home yesterday from running errands and mom's group. Blah. I guess I'll start trolling the clearance racks for a pair.

  • So in other bad news, besides the weather, I broke my camera on Sunday before church. You know, the one I just got for my birthday in March? Yeah, that one. Lovely 'eh? I swear I have rotten luck some days. I seriously cried when I broke it. Sooo stupid. But we got pics of the baptism anyway, so yay. And Matthew gets paid tonight so we're just going to go out and buy a new one. Something we hardly ever do, but it's totally necessary because of Sophia's upcoming birthday.

  • I'm doubly excited for her birthday. For one, well, um, it's her birthday! And two, it's exactly one month from her birthday that we leave for GA/FL and I'm getting really excited. Wait? Wasn't I excited before? Yeah, I was, but now I'm MORE excited.

  • Almost as excited as I am for Sophia's birthday. Mainly because she's getting so much cute clothing...and nothing makes me more excited than seeing my baby girl looking cute.

  • Yeah yeah, I should have never been allowed to have a girl.

  • Ugh, I skipped breakfast this morning as usual. Now it's not even eleven and I'm starving. Too late for breakfast, too early for lunch.

  • Blah.

  • Is it June 22nd yet?